March 7, 2013

LL Bean’s Plaid Flannel Shirt


My friend George used to tell a great story about the caretaker of his family’s farm in South Carolina. At this point I’ve forgotten the caretaker’s name (so we’ll call him Ron) but the story has¬†always¬†stuck with me. Ron was a leathery old timer, he basically lived outdoors, claimed to be of Indian blood, and nearly always had a half finished cigarette drooping from his mouth. George claims that throughout the relatively mild South Carolina winters, Ron would wear the same thing everyday: his red flannel shirt. No jacket or hat, certainly no scarves, just boots, jeans, and the shirt. When it would rain (or on rare occasions, snow) Ron would casually move to the cover of a tree, light a cigarette, grunt, and fold the collar of the flannel shirt up around his neck and get back to about his business.

Yesterday we had a winter storm here and before I set out to run errands I put on a flannel of my own. LL Bean makes a great flannel shirt, but you can find solid ones at places like Orvis too. These are great for cold weather hikes, ski trips, and afternoon pub crawls on snow days.