March 8, 2013

Izola Maritime Soap Dish


A couple of years ago I was moving into a place on my own and the girl I was dating wanted to help me do a run to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to buy “essentials.” According to her, one thing that adults have in their bathrooms is a soap dish, presumably filled with some sort of soap. Initially I was hesitant, viewing it as an¬†unnecessary¬†expense, but I soon saw the value in not having a wet bar of soap sliding all over the place.

Check out these elegant but simple ceramic soap dishes from Izola. $20 is a bit of a stretch for a soap dish, but these are small batch, hand-made in NYC, etc. I have one, it holds soap well, and I like seeing the little design everytime I grab my bar of soap. As a bonus, Izola also sells a variety of soaps to go with your new dish.