March 19, 2013

Go do a Tough Mudder


Do you see the look of utter horror on participant 91118’s face? That’s because he just ran a mile and then jumped into a dumpster full of pink and purple ice water. It wasn’t enough to just jump in though, no he had to submerge, swim under a barrier, and then steady himself enough to pull himself out. This is the first of 25 like-minded obstacles strung across a 12 mile course. This is a Tough Mudder. It will likely take you months to train for for a Tough Mudder. You’ll be subject to electric shocks, fully submerged in mud, freezing cold, and likely bleeding, but you’ll still emerge; like those at Agincourt bloody but unbowed.

There are no official winners (in fact, you have to help everyone running complete the course). Finishing a Tough Mudder is the reward. You also get a slick head band and a beer. There is also the additional satisfaction of someone in casual conversation saying, “Oh, I’ve done a mud run too!” Just smile and nod.